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My world revolves around nature. My artwork is an extension of this and I seek to encompass others in its wonder. We are not separate from the rest of the world, but a big beautiful muddle of limbs, thunder and mud. I have recently been re-enchanted with the world of ceramics and the mysteries it holds. Creating with clay feels instinctual, deeply rooted in my being. It is a beautiful thing to be able to illustrate your mind through your hands. It can sometimes feel like a childish indulgence but it also requires the skills of a surgeon and a chemist. As I breathe being into the earthy clay, I feel like a creator, a mother. Nothing else gets me up so early as an unfinished piece calling for attention; the opportunity to mold new life out of the earth.

Although my practice is light and playful, it gravitates around very serious problems. Environmental issues are a topic that cannot be ignored. It should not go ‘out of fashion’ and must be shouted about from the rooftops until it is resolved. This is not merely an inconvenience, it is our world.


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