Performace based projects Emily Unsworth White has created and doccumented in film.

‘Dipper on The Dart’ Emily performed this work on the Dart River with a Dipper puppet she created. Through this work Emily embodies the Dipper, exploring its natural enviroment and movements. Dippers are a signifier of water quailty, only inhabiting a river which is thriving. How may we better know our waterways, to better know the Dipper and its vital presence in our landscapes. Filmed by Felix Prater, Edited by Emily Unsworth White. 07.22
‘Beltane’ A vessel woven from fallen Birch collected in early spring, soaked overnight in a streamlet which feeds the sea shore of Durness. This vessel carries a wish of carefree play to touch the month of May in all its glory and a woman’s wish to be strong, to hold and be held. 01.05.22