Workshops facilitated by Emily Unsworth white across various locations. Emily holds workshops in a variety of mediums, with a range of groups and in collaboration with numerous organisations.

‘Bird Kites’ was a site specific community kite flying performance. The workshops were delivered alongside artist Felix Prater, The Avon Wildlife Trust and Imayla. 20 large kites were made by Emily and Felix prior to the event. The children artworks were added via heat transfer dyes. This artwork was made upon the request of The Avon Wildlife Trust for their ‘My Wild City’ project, connecting locals with their nature reserves within Bristol. Filming and edititing Emily Unsworth White and Felix Prater. Music by Felix Prater. 26.08.22

‘Felt your Familiar’ was a 2 day workshop in which Emily facilitated attendees to needle felt a puppet. Workshop participants were supported to find their familiar via various process which encouraged a connection with nature, British folklore and play. Each individual was supported to craft their chosen puppet using donated Peak Distric wool. In creating these puppets the attendees entered the animal mindset and explored whcih ways they may move their character. This workshop was part of the ‘Seasonal Connections’ artist residency at Global Gardens, funded by The ‘Margaret and Gwenoline Davies Trust’. 08.10.22