Emily has expertise in holding artistic spaces and workshops, community is integral to her personal practice. Emily is confident in a holistic approach to creativity and creating art. She sees the importance of inspiration, connection and theory as going hand in hand with learning raw skills to help build a confident and talented artist.

She has previously delivered workshops based upon her own practice, most recently during her solo show ‘Ylime, Seasons’ with Cardiff MADE in Autumn of 2019.

Emily has also facilitated a larger number of workshops with the elderly, meeting the needs and abilities of the participants. Delivering workshops in their homes as well as hospitals, Emily works in large groups and is well practised in one to one sessions.

Emily has worked in schools, delivering workshops to young people and has previously worked with individuals with learning difficulties.

Emily has a BA Honours degree and has been developing her own personal practice for the last few years, This has culminated in two Solo exhibitions in 2019 and many sales of her work. Emily has carried out Research and Development in various different countries and has studied under numerous professional artists and lecturers from around the world.

Emily would welcome any opportunity to work with a community or an individual, for enquiries please email her at