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‘The Dictator’s Favourite Tree


Watercolours and Gouache on Paper

For Sale – Email Enquiries


A slice of lemon,

dances behind my eyes.


Late morning light,

makes this unfamiliar hair glow.


Magnetic bodies,

temporarily humbled.


Wrapped in a circumference,

of sea bleached curls.


Here and yet there,

Two pairs of feet.


A thermal image,

where ankles meet.


I see blue, red,



At the gallery,

it’s the dictator’s show.


A pink childish tree,

the background, yellows. 


‘Homage To An Iota’


Gouache and Watercolours On paper

32cm x 39cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



When you’re catatonic baby, 

what smells should I bring you.

Smells to hold under your nose,

as your eyes dance elsewhere.

Make your bubbly brain buoyant,

to remind you of these days,

we feast on laughter.