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‘Hangover Cure’


Watercolours and Gouache On Paper

46cm x 48cm



This worlds so sweet,

you’re afraid to sleep,

for fear of dying.

On Wednesday we woke to saxophone.

We waved to each other from opposite balconies

and with your guitar, added you jam to his.

 When we met on level ground,

he told us Salvador Sobral,

once had lived in our home.

He had dated a woman, a friend.

But Sobral had left,

as his heart was too big. 


Cold Hands / Warm Heart’


Watercolours and Gouache On Paper

39cm x 40cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



We met in a bathroom toilet.

Bonding over Brexit,

you can’t say my friends name

and I yours.

When we met again,

you took my hands.

‘Cold hands, warm heart’

and for that little blip in time

it was shared.