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‘The Breath Of Dawn’


Gouache and Watercolours On Paper

44cm x 52cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



Wake winking at the moon.

First breath of dawn warming the horizon.

Coaxed into this shared reality by your kind words.

And we lie here for a little while,

under the moons gravity.

Basking in that morning hope,

of infinite possibilities.

Silver light smiles at me as I follow the days rhythms. 

consciousness swims down the gentle stream,

of sunrise.


‘Present in Limbo’


Gouache and Watercolour on Paper

41cm x 51cm



Moonlight marvels,

fearless eyes.

If time and space collapsed,

imagine everything that would be here and now.

A million eyes behind,

those kind hands reach out.

Dip your toes into tomorrow,

won’t you.

We’ve been dyin’ to meet.