old statement

Emily Unsworth White predominantly works in the medium of Watercolour and gouache. She specialises in still life paintings, which she believes to be a portal to perception through our everyday objects.

The artist’s work is based upon narrative, a memory, a moment. Through connecting lattices of pattern, conflicting borders and contrasting perspectives, she invites the viewer to contemplate their own reality. Inspired by the great Expressionists the artist reflects on the curious way in which we have selected colours to bring into our homes, like birds making a colourful nest. Pondering how hoarded objects harbour meaning and in sharing these personal moments, she suggests that the viewer find the extraordinary in their own.

the artist’s current practice focuses on composing fluidity between objects, space, and pattern. In a culture of frantic distraction, she is telling the story of a gentle life seeped in ritual meaning. The paint used is water soluble, making a final comment on the transitionary status of the seasons and our own experiences.