'Two Vacant Vessels'

‘Two Vacant Vessels’


Gouache and Watercolours On Paper

33cm x 33cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



I craft this day to my pleasing,

small rituals harbour meaning.

I nod to the snowdrops and daffodils,

as I make my gentle way. 

Walking backwards,

down a path well know.

A familiar fresh,

that tells me to keep my head up.

Lichen wearing tree waves g’day.

And i think,

of the night we walked down the mountainside,

not once looking at the ground.

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‘A Good Omen’


Gouache and Watercolours On Paper

29cm x 35cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



Two girls we’re beheaded in Morocco last week,

mother says.

Doubtful fear clouds hopes and dreams.

To reside in this safe place, we never leave.


From one warm home to another,

both imaginative, but this one is hungry.

Soft words of reassurance, light up eyes.

We are those who chase life.


Walking with myself in the dusk,

I happen across the remains of a bird.

Only it’s head it to be found.

Once wore a Magpies coat.


One for sorrow, so they say.

But to find a head, no body,

must be better than a body with no head.

Here I have gained the head of a bird.


With this good omen I head home,

only to find the first of the spring daises. 

Certainly after all,

a good omen.


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‘The Breath Of Dawn’


Gouache and Watercolours On Paper

44cm x 52cm

For Sale – Contact Caffi Lolfa



Wake winking at the moon.

First breath of dawn warming the horizon.

Coaxed into this shared reality by your kind words.

And we lie here for a little while,

under the moons gravity.

Basking in that morning hope,

of infinite possibilities.

Silver light smiles at me as I follow the days rhythms. 

consciousness swims down the gentle stream,

of sunrise.

Lovely lines

From my previous post called little lines I have done some more drawing…

I had a lot of fun doing these drawings as they’re so simplistic yet somewhat funny and obviously rude. The delicacy of the biro makes the figures somewhat beautiful.

I then tried leaving the heads out to emphasise the meaning that people are just using then for their bodies

Inspired by this I then tried different methods of changing the image, such as off putting the viewer…

I tried putting men’s heads onto to images. In the first image a old mans face is covering the vagina so that the main focus of the image is taken away and replaced with something unattractive. In the second image a mans face replaces the woman’s,
Again making the drawing less attractive and some what in nerving.

In this last image the woman’s body has three breasts, making it un human and un recognisable. A mans head is again swapped with the woman’s making it unattractive and confusing for the viewer.

Overall some silly little drawings! I would love to do these with an ink pen on cartridge paper, possibly framed to give them a beautiful finish! Maybe one day!!