Arm Branch

I have hung my arm branch and feel that it creates the perfect amount of tension, with the issues it raises with balance and delicacy.

The screw onto which the silk scarf clings has to bear the weight of the arm. If this screw were to slip everything would come crashing to the ground. But we do not only rely on this screw but also on the integrity of my knots! The silk rope holds fiercely onto the arm, but shiny glaze on soft,slippery silk ,is possibly a disaster waiting to happen. The silk is tightly wrapped around the arm, almost bandage like, trying with all its might to hold on. The knots fight against gravity and the weight of the arm pulling it downwards. Which will be stronger, my knot tying skills or the strength with which the arm wants to cascade and smash onto  the floor?  Well let me tell you now, I have never been the best at tying knots…….!

I want viewers to feel this anxiety and tension as well as admiring the ceramic arm itself. The arm branch displays our undeniable connection with nature. We are not separate from it but are part of it. It also shows the delicate and fragile state of this relationship and how easily it can be destroyed. This fragile state is emphasised by the hazardous method of display, emphasising that this relationship requires equilibrium and balance and is currently hanging by a thread.


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