So I have moved forwards with the frame idea. I located 14 different frames from local charity shops,varying in size and shape, collected found/ready made mounts and had to recreate my previous paintings, to suit these frames. I have tried to include multiple plants in as many of these paintings as possible as this was something people liked in my gap crit. Some of the frames are so small however that I have only been able to include one flower study in them. I have also added annotations to each painting, such as the time of year and location,to make them more personal and give them more of a botanical study feel about them. Above is an image of me planning the composition for how they will be hung on the wall. This structure has developed from drawing plans and from talks with peers and tutors. I wanted to use a cluster style plan as it would display the randomness of nature as well as displaying the images at a lower height than usual, to pull viewers in closer, to really observe the plants. As well as the cluster style, I wanted to ensure that the frames spanned most on the length of the wall, to provide sufficient interest and impact.


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