Frame is Finished

Today I finished assembling my frame and got a chance to see my ceramic work on it. As you can see in this image I have stacked the boxes and drawers onto the frame creating the spiralling shape I intended (although the top box is not yet in position in this photo). I am really happy with the shapes that are created by the use of the frame, which is angular, yet gently curving upwards. I was as previously mentioned, a little disappointed with the look of the frame when it became apparent that it was going to end up a lot larger (on the bottom) than my origional plans. But looking at the piece all togther now, I feel that it works aesthetically by contrasting favourably with the ceramics. When fully assembled, the piece is interactive on all sides, either having drawers to open or the maginfying glass on the back. I was very pleased with the end result of the magnifying glass. I have made a hook for it and screwed this into place. I feel that the positioning of the whole piece fully displays the natural materials, (clay and wood), which have been fashioned by man or in this case woman, combining the themes of nature and our attempts to bend it to our will.

Now all I need to do tomorrow is fully assemble the piece and make some final adjustments.


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