Frame Progression 

Today I managed to move my frame forward, slowly building the seat up from the ground. I am very happy with the way it is progressing. My only slight concern is how large it is becoming as I had origionally invisioned that it would fit closely and be tucked into, the boxes. I felt that part of the aesthetic problem was due to the voluptuous shape of the chair and promptly sawed off excess wood and sanded down sharp corners, making me feel much happier. The only remaining issue now is all these worm -like holes in the wood from the nails. I am happy to have a few nails as I feel that they are in keeping with the found materials look and emphasise the idea of the wood being bent to mans’ design and will. I feel that the holes though are not so aesthetically pleasing and at least some if not all need to go. Whilst talking to one of my peers about this problem, I started to wonder whether an easy solution would be to cover these areas of the wood in gold leaf. This could cover holes and make the frame in keeping with the boxes. I will consider this option for a while (and also consider the cost implications). But at the end of the day it is not the end of the world if there are a few holes as this is reclaimed wood and contributes well, maybe even better, to my themes in this state of disrepair.


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