Bees and Gold

My bee ,which will sit on its own in the top drawer, will represent what we stand to lose if we continue along this current road. As many recognise it as a symbolic warning of the perils of climate change, this bee should pack a punch. I want to add to its significance by using gold paint. I feel that in many aspects, bees can be linked to gold. For example their honey is gold like in colour, treated as precious, and a rich man’s food. In some areas of the world honey acts as money, being the greatest form of exchange. The pollen they collect is also golden, and their acts of pollination provide a vital role to our own existence on this planet. Bees can also be linked to royalty, ‘queen bee’ and they are even protected by order of the queen. I therefore feel that it would be appropriate to add more gold onto the box containing the bee. I would also like to add gold leaf, as it signifies these precious qualities and creates a scattered delicate effect, almost like pollen.


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