Glazed Boxes and Drawers

Here are the top three drawers from my series of six. I am so happy with how they have come out of the kiln. They look completely different to how they went in! The colours are vibrant yet soft and gentle in other places, with  the glass shine providing a professional finish.

I am very lucky that none of the boxes warped and all of the drawers still fit in perfectly. The only problems caused were cracks and gaps appearing along the joins on the boxes. This may have been to do with weak joins, as the one that was dropped and fixed before firing showed these cracks the worst. I was also advised that it may have something to do with only glazing the outside, not the inside of the boxes, as it pulls the clay outwards. This may be true as I glazed inside and outside of the drawers and they show no serious problems. Ah well, a lesson learnt for the future. As I mentioned previously, I am quite happy for my work to display gaps and cracks, as I feel this emphasises my concept of the imperfections of human nature and judgement. I am also interested in the way ceramics are traditionally finished in the Japanese method of Kintsugui and will consider whether I want to adapt  this style to fit my own work. I will research this concept thoroughly and investigate other artists who have adopted this technique before I make any final decisions.






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