Blue Rooms Exhibition

The blue rooms exhibition, which was held by a number of second years at the university was an interactive, imaginative and inspiring evening. The blue rooms, which consisted of a few decrepit, dingy rooms added a really weird, artsy vibe to the busy exhibition. Some of the work was displayed quite casually, and some very formally, all having a different effect on the audience. I particularly enjoyed the interactive pieces, as they reminded me of what I am planning for my own work. The work above contained a sign, which instructed people how to make their own work, whilst below, the work simply contained some packets of gum neatly tucked underneath, which we took as an invitation to try! As people interacted with the pieces, so new viewers were encouraged to participate and become involved. 

This has led to further considerations of my own work. I have decided I want no sign, directing people what to do. I am hoping that the magnifying glass will come into play and talk for itself, much as the gum did as discussed above. I am also hoping that if people encounter other people interacting with my piece, they will also be encouraged to do so, a bit like the dominos effect. Although this may only be achieved if  there is a constant stream of people. As I have previously mentioned, I am aware that people may well be reluctant to touch and interact with ceramics and will most likely avoid contact in the fear of  breaking it. But for me this is a part of the piece, the understanding of the delicacy and the balance intrinsically combined in this piece. If anything were to be broken, this would only display the aspect of human error and mistake that I am trying to illustrate. Maybe I should be the first one to damage a section, to show it is part of the whole experience! I’m not quite expecting the same destruction encouraged at Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds exhibition at the Tate Modern, where viewers were encouraged to trudge over his 100 million hand-painted porcelain seeds, but some interaction, would be great!




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