Painting the Drawers and Boxes With Glaze


I have begun a big rush to paint all of my boxes and drawers before they get fired on Monday! Set up in my space with the bright natural light, nature outside and all my paintings hanging up in front of me, I began. Painting the glazes on top of the white glaze turned out harder than I thought it would be as, as soon as I touched the glaze coated paintbrush onto the white base glaze, all the moisture was absorbed. This resulted in me having to constantly dip my paintbrush back into the glaze pot and certainly did not feel like watercolor painting, although I feel that after some time, I managed to mimic the look. I think that the colours looked very interesting matte and pastel, but I knew that when they went into the kiln, they would turn shiny and vibrant, so I had to keep constantly reminding myself that the colours would look different. Now that I have finished painting everything, I will take it down to the kiln room, ready to go!




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