So I am sure that I definitely want my piece to be interactive. I feel that this decision will make it more dimensional and will as a result provide the audience with a deeper experience and a chance to have an influence on the artwork. I want the audience to feel a connection with nature through the piece, just as I have done in creating it. I also want the audience to understand that my ceramics are an imperfect replica of real nature and only a reflection of her beauty and importance. I’m hoping that this piece will re-invigorate people to want to be part of nature and maybe inspire them to view nature through new eyes. If the audience were to break anything, this would become part of the piece, it would display different states of life, how nothing will last forever and would serve to emphasise the fragility and the balance that is required in our delicate relationship with nature. It will also highlight human error and how we are imperfect but that is part of our make up and who we are. In fact it would probably be better if something were broken, as much as it pains me to say it! I do not think I want to obviously state that the piece is interactive, but hint at it in some manner, such as with the use of a magnifying glass. This may represent that you can open the drawers and have a closer inspection of the specimens inside.


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