Last Tutorial

We had our last tutorial today before the degree show and thoroughly went through everyone’s work to understand their plans. This helped me make a few decisions about my work and helped me feel much more confident in what is to come!


Everyone helped me to make the decision on my glaze. They thought that this design of the watercolour flowers would best demonstrate my painting skills and would work the best aesthetically. I was very happy with this decision as it was my original plan for the piece.


My tutor felt that it would also be fitting to display my branch arm piece as it connects with my work. I was also thrilled with this idea as I am quite happy with this piece and feel that it illustrates and encaptures my sculpting skills. We decided that I would also paint this a glossy white, embellished with flowers on top, so it becomes a coherent piece with the drawers.

Everyone also liked the idea of my chair frame, so it is all go!!!



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