Albany Pets Shop Exhibition 

 Today I visited the pop up exhibition at the closed down Albany Road Pet Shop. As I entered, the space was small and dingy, it was just as if all of the pet shop supplies had been removed and without any alterations, the exhibition just began. A lot of the work felt themed on the idea of this old decrepit pet shop and the humour and confusion of all this was drawn out in the fact that the space was an exhibit too. Working with this idea, the work was strewn around, hidden around corners and generally in keeping with the unkempt feel of the place. The exhibition felt bizarre, but also eerie (maybe because I was the only person there). I was particularly interested in this piece (above) as it looked as if it were a stock item left behind and discarded. Yet, it felt as if it belonged there and that time and nature had taken over. Excellent!


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