Creating a Website

screenshot of website

As you can see, I have turned my wordpress into the website ’’ . This will make it easier for people to find me and is the next step towards my professional practice. Having not looked at the appearance of my blog in a while I had a little change around. I added a back ground photo, as well as one for the top of the page. I also included a menu, from which visitors can select from important categories of posts, to make browsing easier. I would still like to change my theme, replace the red colour of the title text and delete recent posts and the archive down the right hand side, as I think that this would help to create a more professional image. I may also change the photos shown, but for now, I feel that these start to  brighten up my site. I will continue to adjust and experiment with the site, until it is the best it can be. Currently it is a work in progress. I feel that in time, it would be fitting if my business cards were produced along a similar theme to my site, so there is a clear style and connection between the two.


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