Business Cards

business card screenshot

From what I can see, printing my business cards should be relatively straight forward. I can have a front image and back image of my choice for around £5 for 100. The company seem to ship for next day delivery (although I will certainly build in some extra time in case there are delays or unforeseen problems) which leaves me plenty of time for designing. I must decide whether I want my watercolour paintings or a picture of my insects on the front. Using images of my watercolour paintings would mean that I can get them printed sooner, but risk people forgetting which work was mine and why they picked them up. The insects may be more relevant, but the ceramics are not completed yet for photographing, which could then put everything else a bit behind. I will continue to think on the matter for a little longer and possibly generate some images, to help me decide. As I created some business cards for the ‘Substance’ exhibition in my first year, I feel that I have at least a little experience in this area.

I also looked at a few sites to compare prices, but noticed that this one had the option of printing on recycled card, which I think would be appropriate and relevant to my piece and to my principles as an artist.


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