Suzanne Stumpf


‘whale sounds’

Suzanne Stumpf’s work revolves around interactive ceramic sculpture.

“Since 2007, my work has included increasing numbers of multi-component and interactive sculptures that invite participation from the viewer. Most of these works have innumerable permutations for viewing. Perhaps also influenced from my background as a professional musician, these flexible sculptures allow for creating variations in the artwork such as might be experienced in the live performance of a musical composition from concert to concert.” Suzanne Stumpf

Her beautiful works are magnificent and soft and by inviting the audience to interact with them, they become playful, magical and dimensional. Playing with the idea of cermics as a fragile and sometimes precious material, viewers may feel that they are not allowed to touch and are conflicted by feelings of desire. By using ceramics, Stumpf is able to achieve the textured finish she wants, making her work tactile and enticing to hold.

I am very interested in these ideas, and how I might incorporate them into my own work, encourging a possibly reluctant viewer to touch and interact with my piece.


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