My Butterfly Collection             

When I popped home for Easter,  I remembered my beautiful collection of butterflies. As one of my first pieces in university, I obtained these butterflies and set them into position myself. To revisit them now, feels appropriate and as if I have come full circle, but now I view them with different attitudes, drives and perceptions. If I remember correctly at the time I was very keen to explore the realms of taxidermy but was a little afraid of the guts and gore involved, so started with something a little gentler. I was fascinated with the subject of death and my ability to preserve it. I feel that I started my degree, pondering and wondering about the efforts we take to avoid thoughts of death and how we recoil at the very thought of our own mortality, trying to cheat death however we can. Instead, however, of trying to preserve dead things in art, I now feel activated to heighten awareness of what we stand to lose if we continue to destroy our world. I feel that over the course of the years, I have moved from a self indulgent obsession with death to activism,as I feel that art can act as an excellent impetus for change.


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