Vertigo Sea

‘This three screen film work is a sensual, poetic meditation on man’s relationship with the sea and an exploration of its role in the history of slavery, migration and conflict. Fusing archival material, readings from classical sources and newly shot footage, the work explicitly highlights the greed, horror and cruelty of the whaling industry, evoking memories of the slave trade, whilst juxtaposing sequences of African migrants making a terrifying and dangerous journey across the ocean in search of a ‘better life’. The immersive installation delivers a timely and potent reminder of current issues around global migration, the refugee crisis and ecological concerns.’

The work felt very real. It contained the beauties of life, but also the uncensored horrors, all of which were created by mankind. There were horrors inflicted on animals and other humans; acts of cruelty and greed that amplified man’s relentless selfishness. The film really hit home for me in emphasising the amount and scale of damage we cause and how it must stop. Whilst the film was very upsetting, it was also inspiring in its demand for change.

From the point of view of presentation, the exhibit was sensitively shown. The use of three screens combined with the utter darkness of the room and the surrounding sound speakers, made the film a fully immersive experience. With the middle screen erected straight on and the outside screens slightly facing in, this gave the impression of perspective. At times, all three screens would also flash up different shots very quickly, meaning the mind was always stimulated and occupied by the changing images.


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