Water Colour Skin


Whilst enjoying using my watercolours, I had an urge to see how designs painted on skin would appear. Based on my  interest of how we interact with nature, I thought I could demonstrate these links in a whole new way.

I started by painting the plants I could see in the garden, decorating my hand and legs with foliage and flowers. This really felt as if it were emphasising the concept that we are not separate from nature but part of it. Jay Griffiths mused that to cultivate and to control are very different things. To cultivate is to help make an area of wildlife the best it can be, for the benefit of ourselves but also the rest of the environment. To control is to subdue, to hold back and stop nature from being as it wishes. It is at times a very fine line between the two, but too much control and use of weed killers and chemical fertilisers, can prove fatal for species further up the food chain.

On my second attempt, I tried camouflaging the subject and my painting more into the environment, to send the clearer message that we need to be more at one with nature. I found the watercolours quite difficult to apply to the skin because of their oily qualities and feel that I would like to try this again, but with acrylics next time. Through these pieces, I wish to convey how we are a part of our environment, whether we like it or not. Our fates are joined together.



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