Glaze Designs 

Now that the making of my drawers is complete, I need to think about glazing designs. There are a few contributory factors that may influence which designs I can choose, such as kiln availability. I have many component pieces and therefore need to ensure that I will be able to use the kilns a sufficient number of times to complete the glazing process. This is a bit of a problem at the moment as we are nearing the deadline date and a lot of people need to fire their work. As I have a lot of pieces, I also need to ensure that I am able to use sufficient amounts of glaze, to produce a pleasing result. I need to also consider the aesthetics I want to achieve and try to visualise how the designs will appear in reality,  to make sure they will be suitable.

1.The first design is very minimal, the drawers would be coated in a white shiny glaze and detailed with a minimal amount of coloured oxides. If I am unable to fire, this could alternatively be done in watercolours. I was quite a fan of how the watercolours looked on the unglazed ceramics, although in my gap crit my peers disagreed as they felt the result appeared incomplete. If I have the time, I believe it would be best to glaze. As this design is minimal, I feel it could highlight and emphasise the insects inside.

2.This design would consist of painted flowers, based upon my watercolour paintings. The drawers would have a white shiny base glaze with the flowers painted on top with oxides. This would draw on aspects my peers thought were strongest in my work and allow me to combine my watercolour paintings with ceramics. (Alternatively achieved through watercolours).

3.Drawing aspects from both previous designs, these drawers would look quite busy,  with simple, stylised leafy patterns. These would be in a few set colours and varying in size and shape. Although this design has quite a lot going on, I also feel it is minimal, in choice of colour and patterns, but I am worried this design may feel a little dull? (alternatively painted with watercolours).

4.The final design would involve using the two part glaze that I tested previously. The drawers would start with the dark blue, going into green then a golden yellow. On the second part of the glaze where the white shine is added, I would paint the leaf designs similar to 3. I was happy with how the pieces I tested previously have turned out, particularly the dark blues on top. Though, the pieces that I felt were most successful were those that had been dipped in the top glaze between 2-4 times, which on pieces this big would use an awful lot of glaze.

I think I need to talk to the technicians about kiln availability, look at how long we have left and ask tutor and peers for their advice and recommendations on what would be the best course of action.


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