Rostra Gallery

Whilst in Bath I decided to pop into the Rostra gallery, which is always full of beautiful displays of affordable art. This exhibit of insects in boxes has been displayed for many months now, suggesting that it must be popular and be regularly restocked by the artist, with different species taking centre stage at different times. Every time I have been in the shop, I have glanced at a few of them, resulting in them being somewhat imprinted  in my memory. The pieces consist of paper prints of insects that have been pinned to  the back piece. They contain a number next to them, detailing how many the artist has made or, the number of that particular insect. The pieces are reminiscent of display cases in museums that historically recorded and catalogued different species, for purposes of conservation, study and education so people could better understand the natural world around them.

These pieces are detailed and painstakingly produced, appearing realistic and professional. I will refer to this work when painting and displaying my own insects.

The Rostra gallery is always set out beautifully, the space is very small and quite busy, but each piece is fitted into a little area of its own. These pieces were artfully placed in the spaces between cabinets. They  did originally have a more central placing on one of the main walls, more in the limelight, but as they have been stocked for such a long time, they have had to release this space to other artists’work.  Despite them being in a tucked away corner, they are still very eye catching as they have vibrant colours which are amplified by the black frames.


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