My Queen Bee and Other Bugs and Beasties

After all my pieces came out of the kiln successfully, the first thing I did was assemble the top drawer. Here is a sneaky peek of how it will look! I am so happy that everything is working out well, it is even encouraging me to glaze, as I have almost got all my pieces bisque fired now! Depending on what glaze I decide upon, the drawers will either need to be fired once or twice more and the bugs just once more. I know it won’t be too hard to fit my bugs into a kiln, but the drawers take up a lot of room and will not be able to be stacked together as this would cause them to fuse. I think I will have to wait and see how my other pieces come out of the kiln and truly asses how much time I have left, whether I would have time to glaze possibly once or twice and what the benefits of these glazes may be.


I also began sculpting more bugs and beasties; these butterflies are based on designs I took from observational drawings at the museum. I would like to make a few copies of each, to ensure that if there are any problems, I have some in reserve. These pieces dry very fast, meaning I have to work on them in one full day and then they can be fired the next day. I will continue to make them for as long as I can, as there will still be lots of bisque firings happening.



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