Fresh From the Kiln

Waheeeeeee, my drawers have been delivered back to me safe and sound! This is very exciting and means I do not have to worry about my other drawers that went in today so much. It is exciting to know that the white vinegar did its job well and that I can trust it in the future, although a few small cracks have appeared, and have not been blended back by the vinegar, but they have not caused pieces to fall out. I just need to ensure that I am careful when handling the drawers, so no further damage is caused. However, I am slightly concerned as I was told in my gap crit that any cracks would mark my skills down. However, the cracks do have a useful role to play and do connect with and add to the concepts of my piece. So I’ll have to think about the dilemma of whether to cover them through glaze, or whether to celebrate their contribution to the overall effect. Hmmmm a bit to think about. 

There was also a little problem with one of my boxes, which got dropped in the kiln area whist a kiln was being loaded by someone. This was a very clean break though (which made me feel pretty proud about the building technique) and was very easy to fix with vinegar. The vinegar seemed to take very well and after a few dabs with vinegar to blend any surface cracks, I believe it should be all good to go in the kiln!


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