Summer Time Eyes

When sitting in the first of the year’s warm sunshine painting, I found myself thinking about how I become a much more creative and happy person in the summertime. Over the winter, plants die back and animals hibernate, avoiding the cold, damp and dark weather. How I would love to be waking up now, in time to watch the new growth appear on the trees and see their heavenly blossoms. Spring feels like hope reawakening and there is a sense of rejuvenation as days become longer and brighter. There is something so uplifting about being able to see the beautiful blue sky, no longer slate grey and forbidding, that never fails to put a spring in my step. 

I ended up writing this short poem about hibernation of the soul and its reawakening;


As the sunshine tickles my eyelids,

my soul uncurls.

My pupils constrict,

and I slip into the edges.

To see the world with summer time eyes.


Now the plants have crept back into the world, I can also begin to paint again, which I have quite missed. Inspired by their beauty and reinvigorated by the warmth of the sun, I feel ready to take on the challenges and stresses of these final few weeks.


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