I went to visit the Concentric exhibition at the top of Jacobs Market (which was a beautiful setting in the sun) to see the art of 10 women artists, a celebration of International Women’s Day. The space was very white and airy, the exhibition was not suppose to be open, but we were given entry anyway, enabling us to have a quiet wander around, with the work all to ourselves.

I was particularly captivated by the collections of natural matter such as twigs and made pieces that hung from the ceiling. It was a very sunny day and rays of light bounced off the exhibited items, radiating the brilliant white of the walls. Many of the pieces were made from organic materials, giving the exhibition an aurora of calm, whilst the collection together appeared to tell a story.  The pieces were displayed in varying ways with some items looking as if they had been naturally blown there on a breeze, others were levitated on wires and other natural materials looked as if they had been deconstructed. The exhibition also included  a glass cabinet filled with similar natural materials. This created the feeling that you were studying more precious exhibits, as they were more formally arranged and protected by the glass.

There was an atmosphere of simplicity and informality about how the space was set out. As I am close to the degree show, I need to consider composition carefully. Each piece was given a lot of space, which allowed you to walk around it and contemplate the work thoroughly.



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