Second Firing Results

Waheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The colours have come out, but a little unexpectedly. Firstly, I have achieved yellow, green and blue colours, but the yellow is quite ‘dirty’, possibly because I added too much cobalt, or perhaps because I should have sifted more? Secondly, the pieces I did not give a top coat to seem to not have a shine to them. I think I prefer the heavier applications of glaze, with 2-4 dips. Lastly the oxides seem to have come out quite differently to how I expected. The blue is very prominent, the yellow is only slightly visible where the top coat has been dipped more often, the green has turned to a blue (possibly more vibrant than the actual blue) and the red and purple have been entirely lost. Although this is not quite what I expected or envisaged, I am not disheartened and quite like the unexpected and unpredictable quality of glazes. Although this does mean I need to come up with another plan for my glazes, unless I am willing to work with only blue and yellow oxides.


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