Drawers are Made and Drying

I have assembled the pieces that I cut into the  boxes and drawers, now they just need to dry. As I left the pieces to dry overnight, the pieces were strong but as I left the corners covered, these were damp enough to be connected. I scored each with diagonal cuts the edges I wanted to connect together and painted each with slip. After pressing the two edges together for a few moments, they held together. For some of the boxes, I used props that I had made previously, to avoid them sagging in the middle. Onto the drawers I added a handle, that would enable them to be opened by viewers. Once made, I meticulously  shaved the surface of each drawer and box to ensure that they were even and had a flat, smooth surface. Although any bumps and wiggles, only serve to accentuate our human imperfections and flaws,  part of the message of my concept.


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