Botanical Gardens Visit

Today I visited the Botanical Gardens in Roath. I find it calming and inspiring to be surrounded by plant life in the humid garden and it provided me with the opportunity to reflect upon my final piece. It also gave me the chance to continue with my watercolour paintings, an activity I find strangely meditative and relaxing. Painting what was before me, also helped me to absorb the intricate detail of the flowers, fish and Terrapins in the gardens. I wanted to practice my watercolour techniques (as I have not painted much during the winter as there has been an absence of  plant life  and I prefer to paint directly from observation), as I may be incorporating them somehow in my final piece. Although I do feel very confident using watercolours, it is great to broaden my understanding of plants and my skills in capturing them, thereby increasing the variety of plants I can paint. Here is some studies that I created whilst there:




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