Making My Drawers

I have begun making my drawers! I have carefully measured the size of the kiln shelves, and have calculated the dimensions of the drawers I can create. I have made the outlines, shown above, on to a big piece of wood. Once I have flattened some clay, I can lie grease proof paper over it, then the flattened clay on top. This will allow me to see the outlines of the plans and stop the clay from sticking to the table and will mean that I can move the clay around. I flattened the clay initially by placing the amount needed for one section in a bag then flattening it as much as possible. I then transferred it over to the grease proof paper and flattened it further by rolling it with a rolling pin. When the clay reached the perfect width and length I cut it with a sharp metal ruler. The outside box needed two squares and three sizes of the larger measurements, the inside drawer needed one square and four sides of the smaller measurements. Unfortunately, due to the large amounts of clay this required, I soon began to run out. I was forced into using less and less clay and a few of the pieces ended up a bit on the thin side, which was not ideal. Once I had cut the pieces, I whetted the edges that would be attached and covered them with grease proof paper to keep them moist.



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