Drawer Designs

Rolling with my new idea of creating ceramic draws I have created a few sketchbook ideas. I feel that this is a great solution to my gap crit feedback, and will help to display my interaction with nature and help the audience feel that they are also interacting. There are a few points that I am currently sure of; I want the drawers to be stacked onto of one an other, biggest to smallest, with a slight spiral movement as the drawers go up. I also want to keep the figurative aspect, giving the drawers some form of character, whether this just be in the spiral, or if the top drawers also contain some kind of feature that draws the eye. I am debating what I want to put inside, but am currently thinking about using some of my collections (writing, poems, dried flowers, dried butterfly’s, ect. to fill the drawers, making them personal but also an interaction with nature. I will begin to decide on more accurate parts of the draws very soon as I need to start imminently! I must decide on number of drawers, size and shape and also remember that I need to fit them all in the kiln and get them all through before the deadline!


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