Moving Away From the Figure

After my gap crit response, I took the comments on board and decided to move away from the figure. I wanted to achieve a piece which was more interactive but which incorporated my love of working with clay. As I fell asleep looking at my chest of drawers, I dreamt of making a piece which consisted of ceramic drawers, getting smaller and smaller as they spiralled upwards in a shape which is iconic of life. Indeed, the spiral symbolises many things including the helix of galaxies, of DNA and signifies a life force and cosmic order. Thinking about this the next day I knew it made sense. I had started to explore this notion in one of my sketches of an indigenous head bust, which had included some drawers at the back of the head, like secret compartments.I also thought back to pieces that have hugely inspired me and was reminded of the amazing work of Katharine Morling. I feel that when we are at rest and our minds are free to wander,  we are able to unravel and resolve many of the problems in our lives. I feel determined to set out on this route, as I feel it is one which has a lot of potential and a deeper inner meaning for the viewer to unlock.




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