Gap Crit

For my gap crit, I set the room out like a mind map. As I had a few ideas in my head and innumerable directions I could take, I decided to display them all. I put up my watercolour paintings as a lot of people had expressed an interest in them, the head of my figure, which had just come out of the kiln, my exploded foot onto which I had sampled some watercolour designs, the poem from my artist statement, the glaze display board that I was interested in and the design paintings I produced of the three figures last night.

Everyone expressed interest in the watercolours, and talked about how the whole appearance of the room appeared like a nature study, which they liked. Something that was very useful which came out of the session was the discussion over the figure. People’s overriding feeling was that by displaying a figure interacting with nature, I was minimising the reaction from and effect on the viewer as it left very little to their own imagination. They felt the piece would lack viewer involvement and interaction. 

I felt that this discussion was very useful and insightful and provided me with  positive suggestions on how I could develop my project and areas I could strengthen to achieve more of an impact and emotional experience for the viewer.


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