A Trip To The Museum


Being at a crossroads with my work, I decided to clear my mind and seek inspiration at the local museum and art gallery. I was fortunate to find an array of ceramic sculptures that were uplifting to view.

Firstly, there were delicate creations by the Bristol born ceramicist Sophie Woodrow, which were very small and minutely decorated. Created from porcelain clay, she uses coiling, incising and impressing to produce hollow forms with carefully textured surfaces.The simple white glaze, contrasted with the dark eyes, to emphasise shape and detail. She is interested in nature and animals and much of her work is based on her fascination with all the differing theories of evolution. Many of her creations are the “might-have-beens” of this world , had nature taken a different course. She is also intrigued by our anthropomorphism of nature and what this has to say about us as humans.


I was intrigued by the use of glazes to paint detail on the top of a white shiny glaze in Philip Eglin’s work. The colours are bright and vibrant, something I would like to achieve in my work. Eglin is one of the major artists in figurative ceramics in the UK producing a diverse range of pieces. Often inspired by history, particularly the medieval period, he produces ceramics inspired by woodcarvings and jugs but adds a contemporary twist. He has also included graffiti elements in some of his pieces, more closely associated with street culture and has incorporated pieces moulded from common items like coke bottles into other artworks.

I also explored exhibits in other parts of the art gallery and came across this bronze sculpture. The pose adopted is similar to one of the sketches I drew for one of my figures. This will be helpful for referencing the shape of the body for further designs.

Although the museum is rather formally set out, it did give me an insight into effective layout and use of space which will be useful for me when planning my exhibit in the degree show.


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