Grayson Perry, Pattern and Colour

I have always been a huge fan of Grayson Perry and this love re emerged after the visit to his exhibition in Bath. He is always impressive in the sheer amount of work he creates, as well as the skill and imagination that goes into it. Whilst looking at his busts, I was reminded of his sculptures of the larger sized ladies for his ‘Who are You?’ series. Each is full of character and ornately decorated with his huge array of skills. Each of his pieces carries a darker undercurrent, a social commentary on what he sees within himself and in the world around him. This is what Perry says, moves his work from pottery to Fine Art.

I have been particularly struck by the decorative surfaces Perry is able to achieve through his choice and use of colour, texture and pattern, creating his own very unique style, which tends to be vibrant and loud. Perry’s work pulls you in and demands attention, forcing you to confront sometimes difficult and uncomfortable topics. But by using pots and vases and latterly tapestries, he is able to lift the lid off what is happening within homes in the UK, every day. Now I have been reminded of his work, I will keep thoughts of his colours and decorative patterns in mind when designing my piece.


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