Contemporary Busts

After I was advised to steer away from illustrating the figure as a whole, I decided to consider focussing on just the head. In order to create a successful piece I researched the work of some other artists who have created modern day busts. Here is quite a variety of styles and concepts, mostly in ceramics…

Above, (unsure of artist, but appear mass produced) is reminiscent of some of my ideas from last year where I combined the head with plants to suggest ‘thinking green’and mindfulness. The details are  emphasized by the pristine,shiny white glaze. The white is contrasted by the vibrant greens of the plants, making them seem out of place and slightly absurd.

Claire Loder’s work is simplistic but full of character. Her small features and blank expressionless features are unsettling yet beautiful. 

Misha Malpica’s piece is powerful and vibrant. The strong colours and use of mixed media make this a striking piece which demands attention.

Kathy Waggoner’s piece, clearly based on indigenous people feels harrowing yet gentle. The use of heads that appear sad and expressionless reminds me of head hunters and the lives of those lost. Although the closeness of the women is empowering  and uniting, showing many different ethnicities together. 

Mark Newman’s piece is reminiscent of African tribes in its imagery. The sculpture look up proud, holding a lot of power. The use of simple colouring emphasizes the features and the decision to leave the eyes unshaped makes the figure seem otherworldly.

Rekha Goyal’s piece is lavish yet minimal. The features are expressed in the nose and lips which are soft, the nose contrasting with the lips in its angular shape. The elaborate decoration placed on top of the minimal bust is extravagant and delicate, adding texture to the otherwise smooth bust.


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