Beach Cleaning

I attended a beach clean which was organised by one of the Student Union Societies and had a very wet and sandy day. After decisions with my tutor to change my ideas yet again, I decided it would be a good idea to take myself away to have a proper think and breathe. I wanted to avoid rushing my ideas or getting stressed so decided to do something useful and medative. Rubbish is very bad in the sea, it can let out toxins which poison the water and the life in it and also entraps wildlife. Some plastics will take a very long time to breakdown and will, continue to cause trouble for the duration. A recent study suggested that if we continue this way, by 2050 there will be more rubbish in the sea than fish which is astonishingly awful. We did not just spend out time  litter picking, we also looked out for ‘Mermaids Purses’, which are large fish,such as stingrays’, egg pods that they are born in. This helps the conservation team understand how the different species are faring in the wild. Overall I had a positive day, feeling that I had helped out whilst also learning some new important facts about how our lifestyle effects our planet.


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