Firing the Head

Today my head went into the kiln. The body  fired very well except for one small breakage so I felt a little more confident about firing the head. The kiln was on a slow fire, ensuring that any wet clay would dry, meaning that there should be a smaller chance of any problems arising.I placed the face onto some kiln sand to minimise the risk of its features being affected by any movement.

Although today I received my assessment feedback and was sadly advised to discontinue with this piece for the degree show. I was told that the piece was not skillfully enough designed and left little scope for intrigue as it is too self explanatory and complete. It was suggested that I could try to create incomplete sections of the figure, which would leave more to the viewer’s imagination.  I was also advised against using this sculpting style as it came with negative connotations and did not demonstrate my skills successfully.

I did find this feedback disappointing and  daunting as we do not have that long left now and I believed myself halfway to finishing. The idea of going back to the drawing board and reconsidering my concepts will be a difficult process. But bring it on!


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