Finishing the Legs

Although I took no photos of the making process of these legs (ooops i was too busy focusing on the making) Here they are! They took about a week to make. I begun by slab building the lower half, knee down. I tried to keep the style in keeping with the rest of the piece and worked carefully on the dimensions, in order to ensure they conformed with the upper body. Having learned from my errors first time round with the upper bust, I was very careful to ensure I chopped up the body to hollow it out whilst it was still wet enough to then stick back together. This time I would need to carefully consider where to segment the work for firing , taking account of the dimensions of the kiln and also how the sections would fit back together afterwards. Overall  I am happy with the appearance of the piece. I have embellished the legs with more intricate plant shoots, to help capture the viewer’s attention. I am particularly happy with how the feet and toe growth turned out, as they support themselves very well and contain lots of movement and shape.

As regards the firing process, I am thinking of separating both legs down the middle, as I am hoping they will be able to be slotted back into place quite easily and that the weight of the base will hold them down, meaning no extra support will be necessary. I will ask the ceramic technicians for their opinions on this and will measure the kiln before making any further decisions. 


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