5 documentation points

Artist statement –

We are not all that different you and I,

not so estranged as you like to think.

In the beginning of times we were one,

we nestled against each other, always close,

revelling in the smallness of our world,



Our bond the perfect balance of give and take.

An equilibrium of symmetry.

But we have grown apart since.
But we have grown apart since.

Now you try to tame me

You do not appreciate my unpredictable ways.

Have you forgotten how to share?

Like a child you have become selfish.

But why do we say such things when a child is so full of love and joy?

be more child,

Embrace love, awe and wonder,

Fill the world with it until we can see no more wrong and then fill it more.

Understand this,

When I am no longer, I will become you.

When you are no longer, you will become me.

We are not all that different you and I,

not so estranged as you like to think.

Cant you see,

The beautiful irony of destroying me?

  1. Proposal – This Proposal  was the starting point for the field module and  was a follow up and extension of the ‘exposure’ exhibition where I created similar clay pieces. These were developed and executed over a three day residency which did not really give me sufficient time to achieve the professional standard I want to aim for in the Degree  Show. This  is the point where I started to develop my ideas and experiment with clay on wood as a means of personifying trees and giving them a face and voice.
  2. Stick arm – This piece was a development from my observational sketches on hands and sticks and was put into motion by the rediscovery of Elizabeth Macdowell’s work. Still intrigued by dabbling with humanising sticks by creating them with hands I was also starting to develop the idea of using this approach to show how we are intrinsically connected with nature. This indeed became my stronger concept and theme as I progressed on to create other pieces. What I really enjoyed in the creation of this piece was practising and extending my sculpting skills in the attempt to produce anatomically realistic hands as possible. Creating this piece reminded me how much I enjoy figurative sculpture and the difficulties it comes with!
  3. Prosthetic foot – This idea came to me when I was exploring in the forest for bits of wood to use in my project and potentially the Degree Show. I found myself standing above a section of felled tree trunk and could clearly see the raw cuts made as it was sawn from the main trunk. This led me to  envisage what would it look like if I created ‘prosthetic’ body parts where the wood had been severed. Would this graphic depiction make us any less willing to cut down trees? Could I produce pieces which would link us to nature and suggest that trees are a vital part of our Eco system. Without trees, it would be like loosing an arm or a leg as they are crucial to our existence.
  4. Starting earth grub – Developing this idea further, I started to make a clay bust that was to potentially be the centre piece of my degree show. In my design, the bust was placed on a sawn tree trunk, wearing a slip coated jumper to conceal the join.
  5. Continuing earth grub – After receiving feedback that the piece was too obvious and being advised to take a more cryptic route, I decided to jettison the wood. I felt that without the wood the piece still has obvious connections to nature but the relationship is more subtle. Before I made this decision the bust was to be holding a live plant in its cupped hands. I reviewed this decision and decided to change it to a dead bee, which comes with plenty of important meanings. At this point I also decided that I wanted to write my artist statement as a poem. I thought this may be less obvious as the meaning of the piece would not be immediately clear. Now I have almost finished this piece, it will be fired then glazed. I am also in the process of creating a lower half to the bust that will be displayed separately. The whole piece will not make sense until the viewer has come across both parts and then hopefully, after some initial confusion, intrigue will move to understanding.

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