Earth Grub Degree Show Proposal


Now that i have changed my piece a little, I would like to reassess how my work would be displayed in the show.


Now that I have decided to stay with just the upper body piece, losing the wood and the accompanying limbs, my work will consist of two separate parts of the figure. I would like the upper half of my figure to be displayed at one end of one side of the studios, with a wall behind it which would have my artist statement on. The other half of the figure would be and the other end of the same side of the studio, adjacent with the upper half. The lower half would have wall in front of it, where the second half of my artist statement would be. Despite the halves of the figures being far apart and with others work in between, it would be as if the body was running underneath the floor. The work would require minimal setting up in preparation for the degree show as all work would be made before hand.


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