Earth Grub Continued

I have finished the sculpting of my final piece, now to cut it up for the kiln! (As the piece is so big I will need to cut it into three more managably sized pieces that will allow it to fit into the kiln. Having read about other artists carrying out this procedure, I feel a little more confident about this process). I have embellished the surface with marks using a sharp tool to add a textured pattern, giving the piece, I hope, additional imaginative characteristics in the finish. This is reminicient of artists who I admire. 

I feel that I could have spend more time deliberating about and deciding upon the flower designs which adorn the back and front as some of them feel a bit too childish in style and appearance. However, I am trying to achieve an effect which suggests that we would all benefit from rekindling our child-like love and awe of nature, so maybe this will work. Time will tell!

I have now also decided to stray away from connecting the piece to wood. Instead, I feel that the Earth Grub will be more dramatic on its own as the wood may make the piece too obvious and may detract from the ceramics. I am now considering exhibiting this piece on the floor, so it looks as if it is emerging like a hatching grub from the earth. I want it to appear as being from the earth and of the earth at the same time. I also intend to create legs which will also be bursting from the ground, some distance away, giving the impression that the grub is originating from underneath us, gradually materialising out of the ground. But more on that later!

For now I have been thinking about glazes that will compliment the piece. I do not want the figure to appear as being from a certain race or gender as that would just serve to muddle the viewer and add an unnecessary complication. I want the figure to act as a symbol of unity, serenity and peace. I am currently thinking of earthy, natural tones in blues, yellows and greens. I would like to emphasise the human features of the Grub through adding tints on top of the glazes. I am also considering decorating the buds on the plant growths with gold leaf, to accentuate and heighten the Grub’s status. This will create a dichotomy as placing the Grub at floor level  carries the connotation of low status. This will hopefully challenge viewers to wonder why on the one hand the Grub appears rooted from the earth, grounded as it were and a modest Buddha type character yet on the other it is being celebrated as something precious and important.



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