Slip Clothing

As I am planning on covering my work with slip coated clothing, I decided to research  artists who use this method in their work. The benefit of using real clothes, is that you can arrange the material in a position of your choice and once fired (the heat burns out the clothing but hardens the clay) the clay keeps the shape of the delicate rumples and fine details of the original cloth, which would be very difficult to re-create by hand. This process is very quick and simple and although I will not be firing mine, due to it being attached to the wood, I will still be able to capture  the effect of the cloth underneath.

First up is artist …Her piece clearly illustrates the fine detail of folds and creases that can be achieved through this process. Free standing, she has arranged the piece whilst wet so that it will support itself. This may have been achieved by filling the inside with paper, which would have also burnt out in the kiln.

Next, . piece does not illustrate the fine detail of the clothing but rather the shape. The simple, burly form shows curves and a clearly feminine body. In replacement of the fabric texture, they have indented prints, to provide texture and a sense of dimension.

…This delicate slip shirt brings out all the details of the cotton fibres in the original material. Elegantly folded like a school shirt, it is instantly recognizable. This is the sort of effect I would like to achieve on my piece, showing the shape and the knit of the wool underneath. I would also like to incorporate the use of ruffles and folds such as in … work. I may begin to experiment with slip and this process soon as it is a new technique I will need to master.


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