Sonia Rentsch’s Flower Guns

Not an ecological issue, but Sonia Rentsch takles the probem of gun crime and war by creating these intriguing nature guns. Each one a collection of different plant materials, Rentsch carefully layers them into guns that hold a deeper symbolic meaning. They trigger thoughts of ‘love not war’ and ‘flower power’ for me and  could perhaps be called ‘love guns’. Although there is a certain kind of beauty provided by the plants,  one cannot shake off the knowledge that they are guns. This produces a tension between the visual impact and the deeper connotation, which I think works very well. The series is called ‘Harm Less’ which speaks for itself.

I am interested in her choice of plants and how these work as a symbol for peace and gentleness because of the many feminine characteristics we attribute to nature. Yet, ironically, we are part of nature and in reality we frequently drift away from these ideals, seeking conflict and retribution, violence and destruction, instead. This is a very interesting concept showing a strained and complicated relationship between human choices and nature and is one I would like to explore further in my own work.


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